Artex VanAnh vase and planter features

According to science and technology advancement, Artex Vananh artisans have researched and applied to combine glass fiber with composite to make a stable structure for body of planters. Besides, Artex Vananh also use natural material – sea shell which creates the valued aesthetics. Artext Vananh products are harmonious blend of traditionalism and modernism.

  • Durable, lightweight, easy to transport. Do not fragment since dumped.
    Artex Vananh Planters and Vases have the sustainable structure because their materials are from high quality Composite of FRP standard and reinforced by fiberglass.
  • International quality standards, matching the requirements of the hard market in the world.
    The products have been issued factory certificate of Bureau veritas (International Quality Certificate for export goods).
  • Handicraft products bring unique, elegant, aesthetic, which are created by experienced artisans.
  • The designed styles of diversity, luxury, uniqueness are suitable for all modern and chic architecture style.
  • Easy maintenance and recycling for the environment.
  • Resistance to chemicals, anti-corrosion.
  • Non electrical conductivity, safe to use.
  • To absorb electromagnetic waves from household electrical appliances such as refrigerator, television, air conditioning, electric stove … This is an inherent characteristic of composite materials.

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