Our Craftmanship

Abalone and Mother of Pearl are well-known as natural food source of nourishing and favourite. Besides, they bring aesthetic value in human life: Decoration.

Asians have known to exploit the value of Abalone and Mother of Pearl long ago. Therefor, Asians have more experience in cultivating them and processing the shells into the excellent handicraft products. After harvested and preliminary treatment, the shells are  inlaid on different surface cubes from simple to complex patterns. The diversity sizes and natural colours’ abalone and mother of pearl is a rich material source for artisans to place their creation in artwork.

Mother-of-pearl inlay is one of the crafts that requires creativity, meticulousness and sophistication in the production process. With skillful hands of artisans, the shell becomes the unique and perfect handicrafts


The inanimate sea shells become more attractive and lively in handicraft product after being placed in the art by the master craftsmen. Each handicraft product from sea shells is a work of art which requires non-stop creativity and idea. Sea shells are soaked to remove stink, then, the craftsmen cut, rub, shape products. After that, these products are polished and covered with paint. Due to richness of shapes, colours and durable structures, sea shells can be used to attach on many surfaces such as wood, porcelain, plaster or plastic.

Recognizing the uniqueness and novelty of sea shells and shells of abalone or mother of pearl, Artex Vananh has joined with experienced artisans to create lines of and decorates inlaid shells. Unlike the vintage ceramics planters and pots, mother of pearl planter and pots are attractive by natural colours and multi-shape of shells. With constant innovation and creativity, our products have landed more than 20 countries and are welcomed by big customers around the world.

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